(Combo) Life amazing secret + Energize your mind (Paperback) - Gopal Das Gaur


(Combo) Life amazing secret + Energize your mind (Paperback) - Gopal Das Gaur

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Name : Energize Your Mind + Life's Amazing Secrets

Author : Gopal Das Gaur

Book Format : Paperback

Edition : first

Genre : Health, Family & Personal Development

ISBN : 9780241412039

Language : English

Pages : 601-700 Pages

Publish Year : 2019

Publisher : Redstar

Sub Genre : Contemporary Fiction Novels Books

Energize Your Mind : The world-famous motivational motivator and contemporary monk Gaur Gopal Das explains how the mind functions and shows us how to train it to enhance our wellness in this important new book. Das provides exercises, ideas, and methods to assist us make the adjustments that will put us in charge of our thoughts and behaviours with his signature calm, profound wisdom, and anecdotal manner. Life's Amazing Secrets: Gaur Gopal Das and his affluent young friend Harry had a conversation while squeezing through Mumbai's horrible traffic. They discuss topics including the human condition, discovering one's purpose in life, and the secret to long-lasting happiness. Gaur Gopal Das takes us on an unforgettable journey with his priceless insights on these aspects of life, whether you're wanting to improve your relationships, realise your full potential, understand how to succeed at business, or even how you may give back to the world. With millions of people having benefited from his advice, Das is one of the most well-known and sought-after monks and life coaches worldwide.

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