Tales From Arabian Nights by J. Turvey (Paperback)


Tales From Arabian Nights by J. Turvey (Paperback)

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The Arabian Nights are stories are some of the world's great treasure. Of a collections of fables, fairy-stories and anecdotes of historical personages such as this, there can, of course, be no question of a single author. Both before and after they were placed in the mouth of shahrazad, they were handed down by oral recitation, the usual form of story-telling among the 

The stories are labelled the Tales of a thousand and one Arabian nights because of the time-span taken for Sheherezad to tell the tables.

The Arabian Nights Entertainments stand out as one of  the stellar achievements in literature. Hundreds of people contributed to their development. The result has entertained and influenced readers for generations.


Publisher: Lexicon Books
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

ISBN: 9789380703374

Condition : New

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